Diving – Scuba diving

Chania has wonderful beaches with unique submarine environment that is offered for unforgettable diving experiences and enchanting images, ready to reveal in those who decide they discover it. The entire northern bay of Chania constitutes a wonderful place for diving, thanks to the special biodiversity and morphology of its seabed that is the favourite destination of Greek and foreign scuba divers.


In Chania, the visitor can enjoy relaxing sailing with weak to moderate winds, enjoying the aquamarine waters of the region and admiring its enchanting natural places. If you wish to come in contact with the sport, you can rent such a ship with experienced captains in the Venetian Port of Chania and experience unique moments in Cretan sea.


Chania constitutes an ideal destination for cycling routes because of the excellent weather conditions and the morphology of the terrain. Learn the culture, the history and the superb natural landscape of Chania with a bicycle.

Mountaineering - Climbing

Hospitable shelters in Chania, climbed as nests of birds on the mountain tops, wait for climbers and tourists. Information is available in the local mountaineering clubs (Greek Mountaineering Club of Chania, 90 Tzanakaki Street, Tel. +30 28210 44647). Shelters on Lefka Ori: Kallergis, Svourichti-Chouliopoulos, Volikas and Tavri.


There are Riding Centres in Chania that work during the whole year and provide every visitor the opportunity of admiring the horses, big and small, and also riding them. With the help of specialised personnel you can begin the first courses of Riding in a controlled area or enjoy your route choosing selected routes and enjoying the nature and the beauty of Chania.


In Chania the visitor can enjoy unique moments of freedom and the magic of flying in the sky, observing the ground from on high with a recreation flight with a paraglide (Parapente). Chania constitutes an ideal place for this sport, since the climatic and land conditions are encouraging it and for this reason,  the lovers of this sport are continuously increased during the last years.

Flight with small airplanes

If you like emotions and you want to enjoy enchanting air tours in Chania but also in the islands of Aegean with qualified pilots (or with your own operator certificate) with four-seated small planes, then you should contact with Aeroclub of Chania.

Water Park

The water park of Limnoypolis In Chania, is located in a distance of 8 km from the city, with an extent of 100 square kilometres. The place of the Park impresses the visitor not only with its original architecture, but also, mainly, with the impressive water park “games”, the swimming-pools and the exotic artificial river.